Give Thanks to Nature This Fall Equinox

Give Thanks to Nature This Fall Equinox

The ushering into autumn means more than just chai lattes, pumpkin spice, and apple picking. It is that time of the year when the United States is at its most productive and colorful. With pleasant temperatures and bountiful harvests, it is the perfect season to appreciate our beautiful world together.

The fall equinox 2022 falls (no pun intended) on the 22nd of September. On this day, night and day are of equal length. It’s when autumn officially begins! 

In the Northern Hemisphere, we usually just take one day each fall to give thanks and come together. With warm afternoons, cool evenings, and even cooler mornings, take advantage of this year’s autumn by appreciating nature and the gifts and blessings it brings.


Global Traditions Surrounding the Fall Equinox

Pagans, primarily in the United Kingdom, recognize the autumnal equinox in the modern festival of Mabon. It’s a time to give thanks for the gifts given by the earth during harvest season and to recognize the importance of sharing these gifts as winter approaches. It’s a multi-day affair, beginning on Wednesday the 21st and ending on Thursday the 29th.

In Mexico, locals and visitors from around the globe surround the Mayan pyramid at Chichen Itza to watch a shadow move across the ancient steps at the exact moment the equinox begins. It’s more of a momentary spectacle than a prolonged festival or ritual, but a moment of natural wonder, nonetheless!

More connected to the life and death aspect of the fall equinox, the Japanese Buddhist celebration of Higan takes the week of the equinox to reconnect with their ancestors. This practice also takes place during the spring equinox.

While there are plenty of other examples around the world, these various cultures share a common theme: taking in the beauty and bounty of the Earth, and recognizing our connections to nature, life, and death on a societal level.

How You Can Celebrate the Equinox

By all means, get out there and participate in the hay rides, apple picking, and pumpkin patch escapades if you wish. These activities are enjoyable and bring communities together.

But, if you’re looking for profound ways to connect with nature as well as community during the fall equinox of 2022, consider some of these more mindful activities as well.


Take a Walk in Nature

There is no need for a grand spectacle. You could simply spend time outdoors and appreciate the nature that surrounds you.

Late September into early October is the best time to take advantage of the beautiful weather and temperatures. It gets darker and cooler earlier in the day—the perfect conditions for sunset walks. The sun also rises later meaning, you can fully take in a beautiful sunrise without rolling out of bed too early.

Waking up early and staying up late not your thing? You can still enjoy the beautiful leaves and scenery that color the autumn season any time of the day!

Go Skygazing

On September 10th, just before dawn, you can step outside and see the large and magnificent Harvest Moon. This full moon, closest to the fall equinox, would traditionally signal the beginning of the harvest season. But you can set your alarm a bit earlier and take in the beautiful full moon that rings in the fall.

(Plus, it falls on a Saturday, so you can doze back off once the sun fully rises.)

Closer to the fall equinox itself, when the Harvest Moon isn’t flooding the night sky with light, you can spot many beautiful constellations including: Aquila, Capricornus, and Cygnus. 

Cleanse and Prepare Your Body for the New Season

You can also show appreciation by looking within. After all, you can’t reconnect with nature if you’re not in tune with your own body and needs.


We don’t mean buying into miracle solutions or doing juice cleanses! Instead, challenge yourself into taking a deeper look at your life, your habits, and your consumption—and asking yourself, “What does my body truly need to be balanced and healthy?”

Throw out the junk food (or, if you don’t want to waste anything, at least don’t restock them afterward) and replace them with all the colors, vitamins, and minerals you need for a healthier, happier you. Drink more water, spend more time moving, and stretch at the beginning and end of your day. Choose sustainable ways to sustain your body (for example, making sure that none of your self-care methods are producing trash).

Simple habits that ground you do wonders to reconnect you with the world around you—mind, body, and soul.

Give Thanks for Our Beautiful Planet

At a.c.e. Nature, we appreciate the beauty of nature in every season! We constantly advocate for regular activities that get you out the front door and with your community—and we want you to do it in a way that works for you

We believe wholeheartedly that healthy, happy living starts with you and finding your place in the world. Learn more at a.c.e. Nature!
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