The Greatest Love Story Never Told: How Do We Nurture Mother Nature This Season?

The Greatest Love Story Never Told: How Do We Nurture Mother Nature This Season?

Mother Nature was our valentine this year, and the season of love is still upon us! We know February as the time when couples stress over making reservations and finding the perfect way to show their love to each other. But nature reminds us that there are other ways to open your heart.

It is common thought that we are share a special connection to Mother Nature, just waiting to be tapped into. So to love means loving yourselves, loving others, and loving the world we live in. Like loving the trees along your favorite path, the water trickling from the highest mountain to the ocean, the blades of grass that graze the bottoms of your feet, a blooming flower basking in the sunlight, or a fleeting hummingbird.

With a love connection so beautiful, who wouldn’t want to help protect and preserve the environment to ensure its well-being for those to follow? These efforts can range from picking up litter along a rural roadway to working with local businesses to reduce or eliminate single-use plastics.

Every time you carry your reusable drinking bottle or use eco-friendly products, you give grace by reducing your environmental impact! 

Keep this short list in mind throughout the month, and beyond, to ensure your continued awareness and actions. Imagine if these practices became as normal as making dinner reservations on date night...

1. Find community events or plan your own.

Most communities have spring cleanups you can tap into. But your participation does not need to be limited to that one day. You can carry a small bag to collect trash on the trail, beach, or anywhere you connect with nature and your community. 

Seeking others to join you is a great way to build a community, and showing love to the planet while connecting with others through the love language of Quality Time makes the activity a double win!


2. Consider where your belongings come from and where they are going.

Everything has a life cycle. Every purchase you make and every action you take has a carbon footprint.  Be it a t-shirt or a simple cup of coffee, consider the processing, packing, and transportation of any product you use. Every step takes energy and probably creates waste. Taking ownership over the way we consume products is a big step in the right direction, and it encourages manufacturers to adopt better practices.


3. Recycle, but better yet, reduce consumption.

It’s been drilled into us to recycle, but that should be the last resort. Reducing consumption does the best and shows the most love for the planet.


No matter what you choose to do, be sure to express your love and gratitude whenever possible! And keep a lookout for more of a.c.e. Nature’s tips on eco-centric living!

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