What Is a.c.e. Nature

The Mission

To present an in-depth look at the natural world through the eyes of Clive as he travels to new destinations and experiences what the world
has in store.

Join us for conversations surrounding a wide range of topics – travel, golf, philosophy, science, and of course, NATURE!

The Mantra

a.c.e. Nature is the sister brand to Nature is Beautiful, a clothing brand for mindfulness and wellness-driven nature lovers. It is all about learning to heal, find balance, and rediscover happiness through the beauty of the natural world.

When we take a moment to admire, connect, and explore the 14-billion-year-old story of the Earth, we deepen our relationship with the land. It’s within that connection, that we can find inspiration and hope in our daily lives, and in that truth, we a.c.e Nature.

Founder Clive Walcott

The obsession to a.c.e Nature was born from the pages of Clive's personal story; one of loss, struggle, and the journey back to a full life - through deepening his relationship with Mother Earth.

Through this brand, Clive's journey of finding hope,
strength, and courage in our darkest hour takes center stage. And we hope it becomes one that will resonate with many of you.

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Founders Landscape

Here is a simple sketch penciled by a young boy from a dusty mining town in South America a long, long time ago. The boy, happy and carefree, was a loved and cherished child who always seemed to have his eye on the horizon, wondering what was beyond.

That boy was Founder Clive Walcott.

For him, landscapes have represented beauty in nature and something greater in life. A philosophy that he has chased since childhood.