Clives Story

Fourteen billion years ago the Big Bang happened, and the
elementary conditions that support life on Earth slowly began to form.

Since then, I have come to love our planet deeply, for it is
the only place where I exist and thrive. This ancient chronicle of our universe
drives me forward, for it is the only source of my inspiration and hopefulness.

I want to state that the story of existence is an amazing
thing to contemplate, and it is just as terrifying to foresee that, by our own
actions, we could be setting in motion the end of this beautiful series of
events that gave us life. To that end, I’ve become convinced that the only way
we will save our planet - our home - is by developing our relationship with the
natural world.

I was born in a dusty mining town in South America, and I
have been sketching landscapes purely out of my imagination since I was a small
boy. The deep inspiration and hopefulness I feel when in nature often make
itself known to me in the form of a landscape

When I look upon a landscape today, I am reminded of how
many eons it took for my home (our planet) to be built, how many more eons
passed by before I became a resident in that home, and yet how fragile our home
is. I am shocked by how swiftly the balance of nature can be disturbed – after
all we humans have only been here for two million years! And I am reminded that
our planet needs our help in securing her future. For this is our children's
and grandchildren’s future, and so on.

My journey to this truth was a long and painful one, but I
have arrived, and I am glad, for my journey was my destination. Now, I’ve
created the brand a.c.e. Nature to inspire myself and you – my fellow humans –
to deepen our relationship with what was here long before we arrived and will
be here long after we are gone.

Nature is beautiful! We must a.c.e. Nature with all the love
in our hearts and fall head over heels in love with it.

For our very existence depends on it!

—Clive Walcott, Wanderer and Founder of a.c.e. Nature